Code of Conduct and Rules at Kandukuri Cricket Academy

1. KCA Ground Maintenance fee should be deposited before the commencement of match. Ground will be handed over at 9 am on receipt of full fee.

2. Teams can utilize booked ground till 5 pm only. No further extension will be given.

3. Engaging in any kind of activities that could compromise the security, safety or reputation of KCA will be reported the nearby police station and necessary disciplinary actions will be taken.

4. Smoking and Alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the KCA premises.

5. KCA Premises should be kept clean and any kind of damage caused during the match will be charged against the booking team/ individuals.

6. Any illegal activities like betting or gambling inside the KCA premises is strictly prohibited and will be reported to nearby police station.

7. In case of bad weather or rain interrupts the match, the fee will not be refunded.

8. KCA management hold the right to withheld the match if the concerned parties are not adhered with the guidelines set by KCA.

9. Teams should only use the dugout/ pavilion allotted to them before the match.

10. We are not responsible for any type of injuries happen during cricket matches in our grounds.

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